27 Oct 2008

More of Before...

These are few of the old jobs I produced back in Paris:

This is the a graphic interface I did for the DVD of "Drunk of women and poetry"

This one is for the DVD of "Ran" from Akira Kurosawa

And this one for the DVD of "The Bear" from Jean-Jacques Annaud

I made all those animation using Adobe softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects).

24 Sept 2008


Here is what I used to do before I moved to London.
I was creating animated menus for DVDs in Paris. I worked for few different companies, but the one where I really inprouved my skills was Ulteama, a small but wealthy companie directed by two brothers Eric and Richard Leboloch. They sold Ulteama in 2005. Then I decided it was the time for me to move on and try to be more ambitious. So I made my Reel and sent it to many companies in London. Most of them replied positively. So I said "Au revoir Paris, Hi London"
This is the Reel I sent arround here and which helped me to find my place here.